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Autodesk AutoCAD Map 3D Training

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Computek is one of the largest and first Autodesk Training centers in egypt with 20 years of experience delivering training and certifications in all Autodesk technologies.All Autodesk Training in computek are held by Autodesk Certified Instructors ACI with over than 8 years experience in the technical and training field .

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AutoCAD Map 3D is the leading engineering platform for creating and managing spatial data. Map 3D bridges the gap between CAD and GIS, enabling you to integrate geospatial functions in a single environment for more efficient workflows.
Introduces the capabilities and potential of AutoCAD Map 3D, and to teach key theory and techniques. You gain hands on experience showing how you can use the extra functionality provided by AutoCAD Map 3D to easily integrate digital mapping in your AutoCAD drawings.
Teaches the fundamental features of AutoCAD Map 3D, including techniques for creating, managing and analysing mapping data. The course also explores some of AutoCAD Map 3D's more advanced features
Teaches the geospatial features and functions of AutoCAD Map 3D. Delegates learn how to create, manage and analyse geospatial data. Advanced geospatial features are also covered together

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The course covers how to:
Access geographic and map-based data in AutoCAD.
Obtain digital mapping quickly and easily.
Access and integrate different types of data within a single drawing, e.g. aerial photography and SSSI maps.
Access and use OS MasterMap data that now replaces OS LandLine.
Present often sensitive data to colleagues or the public in an easily accessible yet protected format.
Work with the AutoCAD Map 3D user interface.
Create and edit geometry.
Link and manage drawing-based attribute data.
Use object classification.
Import and export drawing-based data.
Work with raster images.
Work with source drawings.
Use source drawing queries.
Stylise drawings.
Use topology and spatial analysis.
Plot maps.
Establish a geospatial environment.
Edit geospatial features.
Manage geospatial features using buffers and bulk copy.
Use workflows to automate geospatial processes.
Use job processes to solve geospatial problems.
autodesk Who-Should-Attend
Delegates must have a working knowledge of Microsoft Windows and an Autodesk CAD application, such as AutoCAD or Revit.
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48 Hours ( Public Schedule : 3 days / week , 3 Hours / session )
Method of delivery
Autodesk training combines lecture, demonstration and hands-on practice. Hands-on exercises representing real-world design scenarios are carried out under guidance. Delegates have opportunity to discuss their specific requirements with the trainer.
Accredited Autodesk training
Computek is an Autodesk authorized Training Centre (ATC), and our Autodesk training courses are accredited by Autodesk.
autodesk certificate of completionAutodesk courseware and e-certificate
Delegates receive:
Autodesk Official Training Guides, the most comprehensive Autodesk training materials available.
A certificate confirming successful completion of an accredited Autodesk training course.
Expert trainers
Our Autodesk trainers are Autodesk Certified Instructors. They have vast experience of using Autodesk products in industry.

Autodesk Course-outline

Managing Geospatial data in the DWG
Attaching scanned and geo-referenced raster files
Attaching and querying DWGs
Importing geospatial data
Using Digital Mapping directly in Map
Direct access to geospatial files
Styling the data
Editing and Updating
Using OS MasterMap data
Import OS MasterMap data into the DWG
Export Data to an Autodesk SDF file
Connect and Style the data
Getting more from your CAD data
Managing and using object data
Linking object data to an external database
Importing points from Excel
Powerful data publishing
Publish to an intelligent DWF file
Publish to MapGuide
Getting Started
The AutoCAD Map 3D User Interface
Creating and Editing Geometry
Using Coordinate Geometry
Performing Drawing Cleanup
Linking and Managing Drawing-Based Attribute Data
Creating and Attaching Object Data
Editing and Managing Object Data
Creating Dynamic Annotation
Connecting to a Database
Defining a Link Template and Linking Records to Objects
Using Database Information in a Drawing
Using Object Classification
Setting Up Object Classification
Classify, Select, and Create Classified Objects
Importing and Exporting Drawing-Based Data
Importing and Exporting Data
Working with Raster Images
Inserting Raster Images
Modifying Raster Image Properties and Behavior
Working with Source Drawings
Attaching Source Drawings
Working with Coordinate Systems
Using Source Drawing Queries
Define Property and Location Queries
Defining Data Queries
Compound Queries
Altering Properties During Queries
Using the Query Library
Save Back to Queried Objects
Stylising Drawings
About the Display Manager
Creating Display Maps
Creating Thematic Maps
Using Topology and Spatial Analysis
Creating Network Topologies
Network Topology Analysis
Creating Polygon Topologies
Polygon Topology Analysis
Establishing a Geospatial Environment
Connecting to a Feature Source
Working With Point Data
Using Coordinate Systems
Query Features on Connect
Stylizing Features
Stylizing Features
Editing Features
Editing Feature Attributes and Geometry
Working with DEM Files
Moving Data between DWG™ Objects and FDO Features
Merging and Splitting Features
Managing Features
Using Bulk Copy
Using Joins with Feature Sources
Using Buffers
Using Calculated Properties
Adding Geospatial Data Validation
Using Overlay Analysis
Using Workflow Designer for Overlay Analysis
Job Processes
Updating Parcels with a Newly Subdivided Zoning Area
Creating a Map Using Cartographic Standards
Sharing Geospatial Data with a Third Party
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