Adobe Creative Cloud 3D Motion Graphics Diploma

Adobe Creative Cloud 3D Motion Graphics Diploma



Computek is one of the largest and first Adobe Training centers in egypt with 20 years of experience delivering training and certifications in all Adobe technologies.

All Adobe Training in computek are held by Adobe Certified Instructors ACI with over than 8 years experience in the technical and training field .

With the Creative Cloud for Production course,you’ll learn all the most important features of both After Effects and Premiere Pro .

This means a whole range of varied skills including creating animations, cuts and editing, transitions, and adding and editing audio.

You’ll learn all the most important skills for a career in broadcast video.

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You’ll be able to use After Effects and Premiere Pro, get familiar with the After Effects interface, create animations, work with layers, apply effects, work with masks and mattes, use color effectively, export files, comfortably navigate the user interface of Premiere, do rough cuts, trims and 3-point editing, add transitions, create titles and credits, add/edit and sweeten audio, export video for a multiple of output demands.

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Course Topics :
1.Foundations of Animation
2.Kinetic Typography
4.Adobe Photoshop CC
5.Adobe Illustrator CC
6.Adobe After Effects CC
7.Cinema 4D Lite for After effects
8.Adobe Premiere Pro CC
9.Adobe Audition CC
10.Media Encoder
11.Adobe Story Plus
12.YouTube Essential Training

Total Duration : 110 Hours

adobe who should attend

Adobe Who-Should-Attend

Anyone who wishes to work in the video field or who currently works in the field. Or an Adobe application user looking to expand their skills, looking to add effects to video projects. Some students may be mainly interested in creating video primarily for the Web, and others for film, but the majority are preparing more for work in broadcast video.

Assumed Knowledge

Before taking this course, you should have a basic understanding of your computers operating you should know how to launch an application, create and save files, and copy files. Experience in the following areas would be beneficial. Experience working with Flash and/or other video software.


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110 Hours ( Puplic Schedule : 3 Days /  week , 3 Hours / Session )



Adobe Course-outline


Adobe After Effects CC


adobe after effectsDive into the world of motion graphics, keying, and
compositing in After Effects CC. this course lays out six foundations for becoming proficient with After Effects,
including concepts such as layers, keyframe animation,
and working with 3D. To help you get up and running
with the program, the course begins with a project-based chapter on creating an animated graphic bumper.
Next, explore the role layers play in compositions and find out
how to add style to your projects using effects and
graphic elements. Last, see how to build 3D objects with CINEMA 4D Lite, as well as stabilize footage, solve for
3D cameras, and paint in graphics with the Reverse Stabilization feature.
Topics include:
Video terminology
Creating your first composition
Using layers, masks, blend modes, and track mattes
Parenting objects
Building complex objects with Pre-compose
Exploring the ray-traced 3D renderer
Understanding the order of effects
Creating 3D projects from Illustrator files
Lighting a scene
Animating type on a path
Using Keylight for green-screen footage
Archiving projects


cinema 4d logoThis course shows you how to build a complete sequence in
C4D Lite, progressing from initial object modeling, to animation, lighting, camera rigging, texturing, and final render.
Plus, learn to animate text, create random movement with
wiggle expressions, track cameras in live-action footage
to add new 3D elements,
and light your scene. also round-trips the project files to After Effects for visual effects and color correction. this course allows you to explore almost every aspect of 3D motion graphics creation.
Topics include:
What is CINEMA 4D Lite?
Understanding the CINEMA 4D Lite and After Effects CC workflow
Editing primitive objects
Spline modeling with NURBS
Animating with keyframes
Using Xpresso to link properties
Importing music and soundtracks
Creating and animating cameras
Working with text
Creating and applying materials and textures
3D camera tracking
Compositing layers
Lighting with visible lights and ambient occlusion
Adding visual effects in After Effects
Rendering in After Effects and the Adobe Media Encoder

adobe premiereAdobe Premiere Pro CC

Topics include:
Editing in Premiere Pro in eight steps
Setting up a project and sequence
Marking and selecting the best takes from clips
Editing clips into the Timeline
Trimming, splitting, moving, and deleting clips
Exporting your final project

adobe auditionAudition CC

Topics include:
Introducing Adobe Audition
Important audio terminology
Working with sound files
Adding special effects to a file
Cleaning up audio
Integration and output


YouTube Essential Training

YouTube1Topics include
Searching and viewing videos
Creating an account and uploading videos
Exporting and compressing
Embedding content
Creating a customized video channel
Sharing content via Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks
Tracking views, audience demographics, and viewer interest
Monetizing your videos

Adobe Media Encoder CS6 IconAdobe Media Encoder

Create optimized video for any screen size and resolution with Adobe Media Encoder CC, available only in Creative Cloud. Get the results you need with an intuitive interface, fast background encoding, and customizable presets. Creative Cloud includes the complete Adobe toolset for video editing, graphic design, and audio mixing, and for publishing content across browsers and devices.


Adobe Story plus

adobe story plus cc logoTake your screenplays into production with Adobe Story CC Plus, which combines the screenwriting features in Adobe Story Free with robust scheduling and reporting tools. Collaborate efficiently with coauthors and share projects with your team. Create schedules from one or many scripts so you can get the most out of every shoot. Generate reports that help everyone — from talent to on-set departments — stay on the same page. With Story CC Plus, part of Adobe Creative Cloud™, you'll set the stage for an efficient production.

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