Web development Diploma

Web development Diploma (HTML, CSS, jQuery, Java Script, RWD, PHP and MySQL, PHP MVC)


Improve your skills in Client-Side JavaScript Programming, HTML and CSS code

Create an accessible website and one that is full optimised for search engines

ITIL Who-Should-Attend

Perquisite courses: programming fundamentals

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Duration : 100 Hours
Schedule : 3 Days Per Week , 4 Hours per session
ITIL Course-outline

HTML5 Logo 512HTML ( 12 hours )

Understanding & using HTML
HTML headings - Comment - Paragraphs
HTML Line Breaks & Rules - Font tags
Font styles - Hyperlinks -  Image Tag and the Src Attribute - LIST Tags
Tables : Border- Headings in a Table - Empty Cells - Declaring width & height
Cellspacing- Cellpadding -  Bgcolor - Colspan - Nesting
Forms: Text Fields - Radio Buttons - Checkboxes - Drop down menu
Complete webpage

CSS-Logo-214x300CSS ( 16 hours )

Understanding & using CSS - CSS Syntax
classes -  IDs - Divisions - Spans - Margins - Padding - Text Properties
Font Properties
CSS links - Backgrounds - Border - Lists
Width and Height Properties
CSS Classification

downloadCreating (RWD) Responsive web site layout with Bootstrap 
( 12 hours )

Understanding containers
Using the 12-column grid to create a responsive webpage layout
Creating rows and columns
Styling content with Bootstrap CSS classes
Adding CSS styles
download 1Creating and styling forms
Creating dropdown menus and buttons
Adding images and video
Exploring JavaScript components, like carousels, tabs, tool tips, and scrolling

JavaScript ( 12 hours )

javascript logo without titleUnderstanding the structure of JavaScript code
Creating variables, functions, and loops
Writing conditional code
Sending messages to the console
Working with different variable types and objects
Creating and changing DOM objects
Event handling
Working with timers
Debugging JavaScript
Building smarter forms
Working with CSS, HTML5, and JavaScript
Using regular expressions
jqueryjQuery ( 8 Hours )
What is jQuery?
Using selectors and filters to extract information
Creating, inserting, and animating page content
Handling events
Understanding jQuery statement chaining
Working with CSS
Building event handlers
Animating with jQuery: showing, hiding, and fading page elements
Working with AJAX
PHP-logo.svgPHP & MySQL ( 32 Hours )

The First Steps
Data Types and More
Control Structures
Custom Functions
PHP Built-in Functions
How To Use Form Data in PHP
How To Use Databases in PHP
PHP Security
PHP and The Web
Object Oriented PHP Introduction
mysqlWorking with files
CMS Project / Blogging System – Building CMS From Scratch
CMS - Categories & More...
CMS - Login
CMS - Profile
CMS - Dashboard
PHP MVC (LARAVEL) ( 8 Hours )
Routing requests
Filtering routes
Incorporating advanced controllers
Creating a basic Blade template
Developing a layout with child pages and forms
Integrating a database
Creating tables via migrations
Outputting data
Building a Laravel app
Authenticating users
Deploying Laravel code
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