Training Services

Training Services 

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Learning solutions and delivery methods:
Computek Training Center provides customer-focus training in mutable delivery methods offering top quality training and high qualified instructor to meet individual learning styles and organization profession training.

image 1 copy 21) Classroom training:

Classroom learning technique has proved its efficacy as dynamic learning methods.Classroom is designed with cutting edge facilities consists of hardware and software technologies to the most sophisticated educational aids.
Computek Training Center classroom is equipped with networked environment enables instructor to manage hands on lab exercise and presenting worldwide proven in professional training methods.Each trainee has his own PC, comfortable office chair, and computer desk.

2) On-site training:

On-site training is an excellent solution for companies that have employees with the same training needs with a professional instructor leading the course. Computek Training Center as well customized training programs for large cooperate customers.
Computek professional instructors tailor specific train¬ing needs for organization to ensure that companies do not invest in education that does not meet their requirements.

13) one to one training:

One to one training is a superior choice for individ¬ual and companies that need to take courses in private session and specified time around a day with a profes¬sional instructor leading the course.
Computek professional instructors tailor specific training for organization to ensure that companies do invest in education that totally meets their require¬ments.

Training Sections

redvector-online-education-homeContinuing training section

In this training category, the trainee chooses studying any of the training courses or a group of courses from the courses list regardless of his/her career or specialization. From our side, we provide him with consultation and support during the selection process, plus directing him/her to what support his/her needs the best.

Technical training section

Throughout this section, the trainees have specialized training services according to the global criteria selected by leading international vendors. Those trainees aim to have international certificates from international vendors through Computek international partners so that they become internationally accredited in their specialization fields whether in information technology, business administration, or languages.

stock-vector-groupCustomized training section

It is the section Computek mainly provides the training solutions customized in a certain field. After analyzing the market needs and available working opportunities that require certain skills, we have designed various training groups that suit the requirements of various sectors in the market today, plus qualifying the trainee to work effectively in the field of technology, business administration, or languages.

Companies training section

Computek is keen to provide all the customers' needs plus achieving their training goals. Such services include on-site training, on-job training, besides
customized training.

Information Technology Tests

Computek provides many services in the field of computer and information technology tests, as it is certified from Prometric and Pearson VUE tests center regarding the field of international tests service.

Service Quality

Training policy and methodology

methodologyComputek provides distinguished and unique training services due to our supreme care of all factors of success besides re-evaluating the industry needs and recent developments constantly.

In order to provide a leading and distinguished training service regarding quality and international development, we evaluate ourselves regarding many elements, such as training methods and curriculum, technical level, and services provides, etc…. Besides, we take into our consideration the results and the full analysis of data according to the evaluation reports in order to make accurate plans and add any useful modifications to our strategy. After that, we apply these modifications to test their efficiency and credibility before depending on them permanently in the training system. The final phase is evaluating the results depending on applying our strategy in the training process and new educational curriculum in order to end up with a coherent and efficient one.


Computek is distinguished with applying a professional administration style by applying objective policies that aim to provide the best training services to our clients besides achieving the most important aim ever, which is our client's satisfaction.

image 1 copy copysTeamwork

Employees in COMPUTEK are a selected group of professionals who are highly experienced in their career. Due to our constant care to achieve the satisfaction of our clients, our employees receive intensive training courses to raise the levels of their performance and to be compatible with the international professionalism criteria, thus meeting the clients' needs. Therefore, we have designed an organizing and efficient structure that ensure organizing the internal operations and distributing all works and clients related issues along various channels and specialized sections to facilitate managing communications and clients' needs.

1435600128 departamentInstructors Team

Each activity has its important supporting factors ; therefore - in COMPUTEK – we consider that instructors are the most important supporting factor to provide distinguished training services to our clients. Thus, we have cooperated with regional and international partnerships to form a distinguished teamwork in the various training specializations, whether in information technology, business administration, or languages field.

quality control certified 1005x1008Applying and managing the training process

A team of training experts in COMPUTEK had designed a distinctive methodology to provide the training programs in all various training fields and courses. Throughout this methodology, the trainee can reach these concepts easily plus acquiring the practical and technical skills needed besides the different experiences faced in the working field in the same time. This is done through courses, workshops, plus practical events stimulating the actual work environment, as instructors use the selected curriculum from the training programs available in the most leading companies and organizations in each training field to facilitate the training process based on the highest levels followed around the world.



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