Embedded Systems Diploma

Embedded Systems Training Diploma



Embedded Systems Training Diploma

 Embedded Systems Training Diplomas / Tracks
Embedded Systems Development provides training programs containing a various libraries and development tools such as software engineering, real time design, real time operating systems, numerous application based on different platforms (micro-controllers, DSP, and ARM based kits), device drivers, tooling, modeling and VLSI design.
The Embedded Systems training offers the necessary knowledge and practical experience in the Embedded Systems Field. It allows the attendees to fully understand Concepts and rules to be an Embedded Systems Engineer.
Starting from the basics to the most top topics, trainees will be fully aware of this specialization main items and how to make an Embedded System and develop their own Embedded System Projects.
Embedded systems Training is conducted by professional, Knowledgeable and experienced instructors who gained their trust worthy from respectable institutes like Information Technology Institute or from well-known Committees like Embedded System Committee or from their Fulltime jobs experience in the Multinational Companies.
                general embedded systems diploma  icon General Embedded Track
General Embedded Systems Diploma

General Embedded Systems Diploma

General Embedded Systems Track

 ITIL Course-Objectives-text


Mini diploma introduces the basic of embedded systems field. This diploma is suitable for anyone wants to learn about the basic concept of Embedded Systems in short time.

ITIL Who-Should-Attend
Who Should Attend
This diploma is aimed at:
Software developers intending to join the embedded field
Under-graduate Engineering/Computer Science students
Knowledge of computer architecture, CPU, memory, and registers concepts.
Knowledge of assembly language.
Basics of C language (Optional).
After finishing the diploma: You should be able to


Understand the basic terminologies and concepts of embedded systems.
Identify the different hardware types used in embedded systems.
Identify the differences between Microcontrollers and Microprocessors.
Get acquainted with the different micro-controller peripherals.
Develop codes in C language to manage different peripherals.
Understand and practice the different I/O programming modes.

ITIL Course-Class-Duration-text
Half day training : 75 Hours

Instructor Profile

5+ Years of experience within embedded multinational organizations


Material Format
PDF copy of presentations.
ESD Smart Kit.
Case study (Optional)
CS#1: Audio retrieving standalone system. Trainee will be asked to write a code implementing an audio retrieving algorithm by recording a 10 seconds audio and replay it using a certain standalone platform.
CS#2: By using scheduling techniques, Trainee will be asked to implement room temperature control standalone system.
Graduate’s job profile
Graduate should be able to design, develop, debug and modify embedded software.
Analyze the requirements for an embedded system and make software and hardware partitioning
Work with other engineering disciplines, such as electrical, mechanical and optical, to ensure that the embedded software will accomplish the design goals for a particular product or system


 Course Modules
Introduction To Embedded Systems
Embedded Firmware concepts
Micro-Controllers and HW LAB
Software Engineering
Advanced C programming language (including practice)
Embedded Operating Systems and RT Design
ARM Architecture
Final project
ITIL Course-outline
Introduction To Embedded Systems
General description of the embedded systems in life, our daily usage of them, the market of embedded systems relative to desktop systems, and the potential markets in the future. Introduction to the main domains of embedded systems that have current attention locally and internationally (Factory Automation, Automotive, Aerospace, Consumer Electronics, and Mobile devices).
Embedded Firmware concepts
Concepts of Hardware-Software co-operation.
Different hardware types used.
Introduction to FPGA.
Differences between FPGA, ASIC, and Microcontrollers.
Micro-Controllers and HW LAB
Based on ESD smart Kit
Push buttons
7 segment
Software Engineering
Introduction to SW Engineering Concepts.
Different software development life cycles.
Requirements traceability.
QA and QC.
Testing levels and techniques.
Advanced C programming language (including practice)
Basics of C programming.
Advanced programming in C.
How to optimize C for embedded systems.
Embedded Operating Systems and RT Design   
Introduction to OS and Embedded OS
Introduction to the concepts and challenges of RT designs.
Real-Time Operating Systems.
Definitions and Main functions.
Most popular RTOS.
ARM Architecture
Introduction to ARM architecture
C code for ARM architecture

Final project     



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